November 13th, 2006

I'm Batman by drk cherry

FIC: Windows.lorne/sheppard.teen

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Windows
Characters/pairing: lorne/sheppard (appearances by sam and colonel edwards)
Prompt: sarspasm
Word Count: 2979
Rating: teen
Summary: set in the timeframe of two episodes, Rising and The Intruder, with reference to Enemy Mine
Author's Notes: the story references events from SG-1: Enemy Mine, SGA: Rising and SGA: The Intruder, but basically if you know Lorne and Sheppard are both part of the Atlantis Expedition, you won’t be spoiled. This story is about windows: glass windows, silicate windows, balcony windows, windows of opportunity.....

Written as a bribe for sarspasm

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