you can call me george (vagablonde) wrote in lorne_sheppard,
you can call me george

Post "The Return part 2" coda drabble:

Spoilers: If you knew they were going back to Atlantis, you won't be spoiled.

Lorne stacked the ammo in a corner safe and counted it all again, marking off the inventory sheet. Sheppard wandered in as Lorne handed the clipboard to Kaufman who started counting the contents again, double checking the amounts as they restocked Atlantis’ armory.

“I’m still not speaking to you,” Lorne warned Sheppard as he slouched against a stack of boxes.


“You ran off to save the City and you didn’t tell me.”

“It was a spur of the moment thing.”

“You brought Beckett!”

“You were on another planet!”

“Jesus!” Kaufman interjected. “Would you two just get a room already??”

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