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stories_100 prompts 001, 002, & 003

I'm transferring my drabbles for the comm stories_100 to here as I finish up the table. If you haven't read them yet, and are so inclined, please enjoy! If you have, skip the reposts and there will be new stuff soon! Thanks!

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Beautiful Boys
Characters/pairing: Lorne/Sheppard
Prompt: 001 Beginnings
Word Count: 100
Rating: NC-17
Summary: pretty, naked boys.
Author's Notes: slash/no spoilers

John drew his hands down Lorne’s back in long strokes, following the lines of definition, kneading the tensely knotted muscles. He slid his hands into Lorne’s soft, short hair, his thumbs brushing down the backs of Lorne’s ears before his mouth did the same.

Encouraged by Lorne’s low throaty hum, John eased himself across Lorne’s hips, his cock weeping pre-cum and dragging naturally into the cleft of Lorne’s ass. Lorne shifted towards him, his hands clenching into impatient fists as he heard the foil tear and felt the weight lighten momentarily as John rolled the condom onto his cock.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Games
Characters/pairing: Lorne/Sheppard
Prompt: 002 Middles
Word Count: 100
Rating: NC-17
Summary: more
Author's Notes: implied slash/no spoilers

John moved backwards, his knees on either side of Lorne’s legs, slipping his cock into space between Lorne’s thighs. He thrust slowly with his whole body, pushing his cock against Lorne’s ass, nudging against the base of Lorne’s balls. When the younger man began to move, John stopped, grabbing Lorne’s wrists and pressing his arms to his sides, John’s knees holding Lorne’s legs tightly together.

John continued his thrusts, the head of his cock stroking the sensitive perineum, holding still when Lorne tried to move again. John lowered his mouth to Lorne’s back, biting gently just below the shoulder blade.

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Rewards
Characters/pairing: Lorne/Sheppard
Prompt: 003 endings
Word Count: 100
Rating: NC-17
Summary: still more….
Author's Notes: graphic slash/no spoilers

John’s weight shifted on the bed and then his fingers were sliding into the crack of Lorne’s ass, slippery and cool as they stroked his hole. Lorne squeezed his eyes shut against the agony of John’s careful, not-enough touch.

He wanted to impale himself on John’s gentle fingers.

John’s weight moved forward, insistently, his cock pushing into Lorne, slipping inside him slowly, thick and delicious and Lorne wanted to move, needed to move…

“Ssshh,” John murmured against the damp skin of Lorne’s back and Lorne tried to be quiet…

…tried to be everything John wanted while John devoured him.
Tags: stories 100

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