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stories_100 prompt 034

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Title: Not Yet
Characters/pairing: Lorne/Sheppard
Prompt: 034 Not Enough
Word Count: 100
Rating: Adult/Mature
Summary: it's just porn, there's no plot.
Author's Notes: slash/no spoilers

Lorne pushed into John's body, slowly, pulling out with the same agonizingly languid movement. He flexed his hips again, sinking inside John, bending his knees to change the angle his cock stroked John's ass, but not faster. One hand held John's wrists against the wall above his head, the other held his cock tightly in a hard grip to keep John from coming before Lorne wanted him to.

He stopped, holding completely still, his breath cool against John's damp skin, licking a long stripe along John's spine, biting into his shoulder blade.

“Jesus!” John swore.

“Shhhhh,” Lorne warned, “not yet.”
Tags: stories 100

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